Chase Zachary – Project Manager/Estimating

chaseChase Zachary became part of Black Canyon’s team in December 2008. Prior to that he was working in the NASCAR Industry traveling the race circuits with Toyota’s Truck team as an engine specialist. He began his career at Toyota’s NASCAR Center in North Carolina as one of their youngest cylinder head machinist after training at  Richard Childress and Rousch Yates Racing . He transitioned into our company as a Superintendent working on our projects for Valero’s Corner Store Remodels, Stripes Convenience Stores New Builds, residential new homes and residential remodeling.

In March 2010, Chase took over the Project Estimating for Black Canyon and began streamlining the evaluation processes.  Working closely with our subcontractors to offer value added services to our client has quickly become his strong point at our company. Chase also evaluates and administers the subcontractors change orders and engineering requirements throughout the projects. He coordinates between our clients, the engineers, our project managers and the subcontractors to ensure the cohesive and productive progress on each project.


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