Scott Mabry – Lead Construction Manager

scottScott Mabry has been working in the Construction Industry for 35 years. His background is in both commercial and residential construction. These years of experience combined with his diligent work ethics quickly became a valuable asset to Black Canyon and our clients. Prior to joining our company, Scott was Vice President of Construction at Chester’s Hamburger administering the maintenance, remodeling and building of their stores.¬† Starting with our team in May 2011 as Project Superintendent, Scott quickly proved his skills in leadership, project coordination, subcontractor negotiation and quality assurance. Consistently he has efficiently managed to prioritize our client requests, maintain a safe work environment, quickly resolve discrepancies and turn over a quality product ahead of schedule.

In September 2012 Scott became the Lead Construction Manager for Black Canyon evaluating projects for quality assurance, progress and customer compliance.


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